Sunday, January 8, 2012

Napoleonic Warmaster Battle

Traveled a distance to some gaming friends club meet and got pulled into a Napoleonic Warmaster Battle as a co commander.
The battlefield, river with 2 bridges and a ford that "might" be crossable and proved to be about 12 inches deep..... I played adjutant to the left flank British commander offering sage advice and otherwise suggesting forms of mayhem to the French who wanted to cross the river in the worst way...

French Deployment faced our left flank with their Reserve Cavalry, who lacked any Infantry or Artillery against our all arms force which did include infantry, artillery and cavalry.

Picture of the left flank forces arrayed at the outset of the battle. The French won the initiative with a general advance on the ford. Our move put us a tragic 25cn from blocking the ford due to a flubbed command roll...

The French then managed to squeeze a Cav group through the small gap but then returned the favor of failing their next command roll, leaving the single Cav unit on our side of the river, who in all fairness wiped out a artillery battery, bounced a unit of our cavalry, turned and injured a unit of infantry before going down in a welter of musket fire.

Our position mid way through the battle. An attempt to breach our ford  defense with a cav charge led to the chargers being thrown back and then decimated with artillery and musket fire. Once the French Cavalry that had crossed was dispatched our flank settled into pounding the French Cavalry till their commander decided to shift to their center area. This led to tea time and a few crumpets before we had to mount up and journey home.

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