Saturday, January 14, 2012

Boring Development Work

Working with RRsize to come up with the lighting LED plan for the convention level game board has turned out to be dry dusty work to assemble the number type and placement of the LED groups.

So, using paper cut outs, a few figures and dice, placements for the "encounter Labs" were figured and totaled.
Placements for Labs will have a slightly raised Dias area with wiring under the Dias placard. Large Copplestone order should be going out shortly for a lot of consoles and lab sets, which in turn have to be drilled out to get the LEDs inside the "scopes" and crt displays.

Stairs.... still need to come up with about... add it all together, 4 feet of stairs. Single run and switchback style arrangements are in the plans, just how to put them together is still being debated, that's a lot of stairs to build or... simple stairs could be cast.  Fiddly bits.. are the time consumers.... and of course the "mission creep" of adding another encounter spot.... must avoid any more or they will be sitting on top of each other, heh.

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