Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First action of the new years

As I cleaned up the living room after new years a friend dropped over with a flat of Dwarven Troops and said lets dust of the figures and play Something... so out came the Chipco Fantasy rules for a very small action game.

My Orcs were initially successful in slamming back some of the Dwarves but alas, the God Di ' ce  abandoned my Orcs to their fates in the end.  My, what a lot of rule book page turning to get back into the game! So the Miniature games of the new year have started!


  1. Huzzah!! Wow some classic models there ... looks like good times indeed :D

  2. Stopped buying warhammer figures after the 3rd edition set of rules came out. Got tired of my armies loosing some classes and gaining others just to have to go out and buy different figures....bah.