Saturday, February 26, 2011

VSF Battle Report, Jockeying for Position

Kaptain Kneemo and his American Allies engaged a Belgain and Native force, natives here after refered to Lilshiztens (bastardized form of little shooters)

Left picture shows starting positions, the honorable and courageous Kneemoites and Americans in the lower part of the picture and the scurrilous Lilshiztens and all around no-goodnik Belgians in the upper area. While the natives wasted no time in surging forward, the Belgians remained true to tradition and had difficulty in putting down their hot chocolate and schnapps to get moving forward. Right side picture has Kneemo's much feared walker chugging out shells and the infantry and robotic infantry forming line for battle. The Belgian Heavy tank took a pounding from the Walkers shelling, suffering its gun being bent sideways and the crew determined not to lose the vehicle by driving off the battlefield.

Next photo show the Belgians finally showing up in the battle zone and opening fire. The Americans decide to utilize their bayonets to save ammo for the real fighting, to mixed results, having one unit thrown back and the left flank most, with the aid of a Walker driving the Lilshiztens before them. Meanwhile the Robotic Infantry on the extreme right flank engaged in a long drawn out fire fight with the Belgians Askari Zulu unit.

The battle ground down with the Belgians teetering on their army break point and a Walker that was totally out of control careening across the battle field. The Americans were hammering the fleeing Lilshiztens while the Elite Guard of same were holding the central Jungle feature and feeling pretty dang superior to their brethren.


  1. Another great battle report, although Captain Kneemo's balloon scouts appear to have taken all the pictures.