Saturday, February 19, 2011

Venus Structures

For our about to launch campaign on Venus I was chatting with the GM to be and learned we had no real concept on what type of buildings might be there. Terrain overall has be decided to be swampy with limited "plains" areas and to have massive Plateau's where landing sites would be established and fortified. So the idea of native villages or towns came up.... hmmmmm I offered to throw something together and decided that square and rectangular were out.  So cruising some dollar stores I came up with an item to form the basic "building".
The basic idea is that they are alien, strange shaped and visually "different". Access is via underground tunnel ?  Earthlings are still trying to figure them out, but that is a low priority in the land grab rush that is breaking out at the outset of the campaign. I used flower holders for outdoor tombstones.... somehow that seems to fit in with the death and carnage that will surround them! Up ended with their plastic spikes removed, I sprayed them with a base dark brown coat and then, from a distance, sprayed them with varying colors here and there.

Being in a jungle setting I went for the creepers and other jungle plants to be up and around the towers. The base material is from plastic florescent light cover sheets. They come in a variety of smoothness, smooth to rough, I use the rough as it hold glue a lot better. It breaks un evenly but that works too. Towers are affixed with hot glue globs on the inner lip and then smeared around the base where tower meets plastic base. Had to be careful not to melt the plastic of the tower.

Have to love the hot glue gun, with lots of glue sticks to put creeper vines on the side of the towers. You can add many or few, up to you, easy to do. Do not worry about getting a nice thick line at first, it will tend to want to warp the plastic. So I applied several coats of glue, one over the other, filling in here and there, branching out on some. Adding a bit of the Styrofoam balls here and there brings the creepers more to life. I plan to head back over and get two more holders to convert into fallen and crumbled tower ruins.

And there you have it.

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  1. I am loving all of your Venus stuff! This is exactly the kind of thing I like and wish more people did with miniatures gaming.

    What game rules do you use, or is it homebrew?