Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VSF Battle Report (Non campaign battle)

Kaptain Kneemo's scouting force encountered a similar sized force of Belgains. (600pts) As neither side was interested in speaking to each other shots were quickly fired. On Kneemo's left a unit of Line Infantry Sailors and a Medium Walker. Center forces and on to the right were five Askari Line Infantry units. Across from them, the Belgians, from right to left (their view) were a unit of Heavy Infantry, 2 units of Line Infantry and a Medium tank. Both sides opted for a single officer.

Have to fix the bases of the Belgian Askari Infantry as their shields tended to overbalance the figures... Overall the battle was shaping up to be a slug fest shoot out. Belgians won Initative and opeted to move first in the game.
Kneemo's Robotic (Askari) Infantry advanced and fire was exchanged with the Zulu Askaris getting shot up and failed their moral roll, fleeing off the field. Their Heavy Infantry also took hits from the Walker and failed their moral check, twice, on 2 different turns and fled the field. Their Tank fired and an Askari units moral broke and fled, another took the fire and clanked on. The walker suffered a confusion hit, mis reading the results and failed to make an un jamming roll at the end of the turn that their gun jammed. The sailors made 5 command rolls, so marching down the field, they changed formation, opened ranks and fired into the back of the Belgian Line Infantry scoring a massive zero hits....
On the last turn of fire the Belgian Line took 50% Casualties, failed their moral and fled the field. The Tank Crew declarded a Mechanical victory and drove of the field stage left.... :)  Belgians suffered from the Terrible Dice God.....