Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kaptain Kneemo Skirmishing with the Swedish Forces

Last pre campaign battle took place between Kaptain Kneemo's forces and the Swedish Expeditionary forces.
Left shot is about 5 turns into the battle. 4 Companies of Infantry and Sailors, Lt Walker, Hv Walker and a unit of Heavy Infantry head towards the Swedish force on the top of the picture.  The Swede's comprised a Guards unit, 2 line units, 1 militia unit, 2 units of Cavalry, A Gatling artillery unit and a Clockwork unit of tiny tanks. For several of the turns, the Kneemo right flank, commanded by Kenny and Bucky, was either confused, bogged down in the mucky terrain or lost, (possibly a combination of all of them) and moved next to no where. Stanley command the left flank Lt tank and a unit of Line Infantry and did a marvelous job shooting apart a cavalry unit, remnants are seen in the upper left corner of the left picture after their removal. Next the massive cavalry unit prepared to charge. In the mean time the heavy walker damaged the Gatling artillery and sent it back to get ammo or some assistance, though they returned later.

Right picture shows the result of the massive cavalry units charge (massive as in the size of the mounts), though they charged and contacted the shipboard Marines front, they died in 2 rounds of hand to hand combat. The light tank went down to the fire of the Clockwork Tiny Tanks unit. The right flank of Kneemo's forces finally got moving and started pouring fire into the Swede's, taking out the Gatling gun crew as it had finally moved back up to the line.
Continued fire into the Swede's left flank takes out a company of troops, the Militia unit breaks from the fire of the heavy walker on it. At this point the surviving line unit, Clockwork Tiny Tanks and command structure orders a retreat. Stanley's surviving command shot away the Guards unit to his front and was about to face off with the Clockwork Tiny Tanks.

The game lent itself to covering all aspects of the rules system, Martian Empires, with some slight modifications, mainly in adding more types of troops.  Next stop, VENUS!


  1. would the unit of tiny clockwork tanks be oop epic land raiders? If they are I might just have to field a tiny clockwork tank army.


  2. They are indeed land raiders from the 40K Epic game.