Monday, August 23, 2010

Wire Fence changes

After tinkering with the fence assembly I learned that leaving some "wire" sticking off both sides, then trimming them to the end of the base rather than cut them off at the post, lets them sit together with the wires seemingly touching. Also, when spinning the base while holding the first attachment point of the wire, you need to make sure to spin many many times till it starts to knot up. Then stop spinning and carefully pull it straight across the poles and hold with one hand. Gets tricky to hold the taught wire in place with one hand and hot glue with the other, but WAIT!  Get that dab of hot glue on the post and wire, then put the glue gun down quickly, and carefully stretch the wire straight out and let cool. If you don't it will cool bent back around the post. When its cooled off you can get the middle posts hot glued easily.

The left picture shows how the ends meet up between the bases so that you do not have a series of "gaps" in the wire. Its a bit more visually pleasing overall I think. The picture on the right is the wire with a fast paint brush drag of gun metal paint over it.

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