Thursday, August 5, 2010

American Civil War 2, Foreign Lend Lease

So my forces in an ACW2 campaign gathered enough points to get a real Tank! Mahahaha... er, now to find a tank with larger than 37mm, preferably 75mm or larger, not just a proto type, around for a few years and exported to other countries so I can justify "getting" one.

Settled on T 28, 76mm cannon, 3 or 4 Mgs, if you include one for the top turret access hatch. Moderate armor and road speed, was exported, saw action in the Spanish civil war and sent to Turkey. Now.. search for one suitable in size for 25-28mm figures and not cost tons..... grrrr ...

So settled on Kit bashing one from a Stg III model for track and bogie's... lots of bogie's...
So on the left is a photo reduced track assembly picture I am using to guide assembly of the tank wheels and tracks. On the right is the wooden body assembled and first coated with Kel Seal. I let the Kel Seal dry and then use a new xacto blade to trim off the bumps and such. The 2 small turrets are upside down at the moment for the shot, the mounting pins are freshly glued in. Still have to shape the small turrets some. Kaptain Kneemo's Shipboard marines are showing a little progress on further painting. The hull of the tank is raised on a bit of wood scrap to show the approximate height of the finished tank. Scale here is 1 inch = 5 feet for the record.

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