Friday, August 27, 2010

ARG! Wheres all the STUFF come from

So busy building the T 28, concertina barriers et al and finally stopped and looked around the Cargo Bay hobby room;

So when the heck did all the clutter creep in, basically un-noticed?????? Grrrr there goes couple of hours to get out the whip and chair and chase it all back where it should be!!

Though, I can take a small comfort in that I am probably not alone in this type of situation....... :)


  1. Several months ago I cleaned out my hobby room in an attempt to sell my house. I was amazed at the number of boxes that I removed from the room.. and amazed at all the counter space available for new stuff a the end.

  2. Darlin, you havn't even found the undead armies boxed in my sewing room *glares* that you said over a year ago would be just there...for a while...

    Their decomposing bodies are messing with my Victorian lace!

  3. looks fine mate, whats the problem?

  4. The bit the bothers me is that I know there are bits in the roof and under the bed and if I bring them down I would not have room to work where I am now.

    Humm - maybe that a plan - move everything into the study, claim I cannot work in there due to everywhere else being tidy and have to move into another room...