Saturday, August 21, 2010

2nd American Civil War, California Report

So, the Stalinist forces attempted to cut off the supplies flowing to the Trotsky faction and their current allies was fought out in the grand manner with massed forces assembled and launched into the fray. The Trotsky forces held the supply depot in a secluded hill redoubt, the Stalinist forces could enter along the far edge or the road way in the upper right of the first picture. There was no easy retreat paths from the supply depot, which was shortly called the supply dump. Those evil Stalinist forces quickly started bantering back and forth the need to get the supplies from anywhere or anyone, hence, the cry of Take A Dump was heralded. It was pointed out that the only outhouse on the field was in the depot, further fueling the need to get there as fast as possible.
Supply Dump in the Hills
Stalinist Forces advance
Left Flank Stalinist Cavalry sent packing
As the Stalinist advanced across the wide front, their Cavalry thundered along their extreme left and was the first to pass the central hills area, only to be met with a hail of gunfire from the local militia unit that had held to cover there. Other nationalist forces were also deployed in the central hilly area. An artillery duel ended in the Trotsky favor as their 2 guns destroyed the single gun opposing them. They then turned their attention to other targets, taking out a command truck then pounding infantry with their direct fire.
Trotsky Right Flank deploying
Stalinist Forces push the central hill
Political Officers Truck smoked
Valiant Tank support rolls forth
Overview of the battlefield
Artillery pounds the Stalinist Advance
Police Commissioner Preps Paperwork for arrests
Brotherhood Co-op force and AT rifle group
Some of my units never had an enemy unit get close enough to fire, Sniper, Co-op unit and the AT rifle unit that had waited to take out a vehicle coming around the corner. Then again, 4th battle that my forces have not suffered a KIA! Also memorable was that I did not use my terror inspiring Artillery! Take that you constitutionalists!


  1. Thanks for the invitation to play with you guys. I had a great time. I hope to mix it up with you and your group again. I gave a brief synopsis of the last battle on my blog and provided a link to your photos. Have a good week.

  2. These reports (on all the blogs involved) are great fun to read; I'm getting a 2ACW group started in my area (the Twin Cities in MN), and you guys are really an inspiration to me!

    Also, *great* modelling tips for terrain!