Friday, August 13, 2010

Battlefield Needful Items

The number of figures in our ACW2 games, what with 8 to 10 players all fielding 3 to 6 units each has put a strain on needful items, so I spent a couple of hours and whipped out 10 3" craters, 16 turn encounter chips (grassed on one side and red painted on the other) along with 12 smoke columns.


  1. Thin plastic bases cut out by hand, Steel wool cut into chunks then pull/tugged and hot glued to the bases. Then looking at the "smoke" to be, I pull and hot glued here and there to add, er, character, and get the columns upright. Then used a small tube of reverse rolled tape stuck to cardboard to stick the bottom of the bases to the tape. SPRAY from all directions, getting close so the black spray primer would penetrate. Whole project took about hour and a half. I have yet to tug and pull them out a bit to reveal some of the grey steel wool on the inside.