Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Painting WIPs

Busy Painting till late last night resulted in getting man figures near completion or well under way:

Oriental pirates and gang figures need basing and a bit of tiny detai touch up. Fill in for the San Francisco Barbary times Tong gangs, south sea pirates and a host of other duties. Left weapons out of the hands of some of the figures for martial arts fighters, rather than Everyone having a weapon. Also good for stand in civilians, though I may seek out and get a few more generic oriental civilians for pulp adventurers to interact with and not need to kill them all :)
These fellows are slightly modified by the simple approach of removing most of their firearms, again to generate people who are unarmed, well, then again those long coats could conceal a wide assortment of fireamrs. Skin tones and base coatings applied, Washes and Dry brushing to go, as well as bases. Hapless civilians, detectives or all around no good-nics abound.

Next, nearing completion are a gang of thugs. Bit more detailing to reach readiness. Bases to color and detail, should be done with them today as well. With their promiscuously firing weapons they will possibly terrorize the unready.

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