Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lava Monsters Await

Got to work on the Magma Brutes I recieved today. A blade and glue resolved the All in The Same Pose, and with just a tiny bit of fill work as I cut into the shoulders and rotating left little to fill.

So, on the right are the figures as recieved. Enamel Orange and Enamel black or shiny black plastic. On the left are same figures with a dark yellow dabbing, polyurathane coating to make it shinny , then flat black on the "cooler" sections. I decided to work up the bases and will probably cut round metal disks to fit under for the magna stick boxes I use to travel figures with.

And there you have it. Lava Men ready to defend the Volcano.


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  2. First ... looking awesome!

    The arms raised pose reminded me of the legion o' wookie I have from the WOTC collectible star wars minis I have floating around. This post inspires me to consider using them for another game ... some greenstuff on them and ... swamp monsters or lava monsters ... elementals ... large plague zombies ... etc. etc. they become. I mean when am I going to need 40 wookies ... arms raised ... I'm thinking a star wars wookie campaign is going to happen for me ... never ... so ... hrmmm. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Have 2 more of the magma brutes on order, plans are to so the same arm changes, but color will be with blues to make them into Ice Monsters for Glaciers or polar region encounters.