Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Chasm

Choked out on painting for a bit so time for Terrain Adventure:

12x12 inch floor tile is the base, 3 inch thick styrafoam,former packing material, forms the walls of the chasm so far. Figure is for scale. Hot glued and dabs of white glue secure the foam to the tile. When its dry, time will be right to start shaping and applying resin cast rock section, though I will keep the sides very steep, or it wouldnot be much of a "chasam" heh. Could paing the bottom area with perspective that it goes deeper, but am thinking that the bottom would serve as a deep gully for desert wadi encounters... options..

Heres the upper rough in of the Cliff walls with an approach cut out on the left, the one on the right is just barely visible.  Figuring on a suspended rope bridge with planking...  Out of smooth Kel Seal still.. may use up the textured that I have though for this as its more of a desert / arid setting, or even mountainous..  Hmm... Place some jungle plants, on bases here and there and its location would obviously be in the jungle..!

Different shot of the Chasm from higher up to show some more detail. The gap is definetly wide enough that it cannot be leaped by a mere mortal, so its good enough. Also, the actual "distance" across could be double or triple for the purpose of shooting arcross it by stating the gap is "representational"

Time to back to the Paint table.

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