Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lava Field Update

Launched the Lava Field encounter placard pretty well today:

The styrafoam is hot glued to the floor tile. Process to more time to cut the styrafoam that to hot glue it. Next, to mottle the surface I used a barbacue long neck lighter to wave a flame near the foam while it was upside down. Pay LOTS of attention when trying this, it catches fire if your NOT REALLY CAREFUL. Otherwise cut the edges down and then pound on it with something to rough up the surface.

Here I have applied both textured and smooth brusable caulking with the textured down in the channels for dry brushing, the smooth on top for the crusted hardened lava effect. When its dry I can start the 4 color painting to get it to the final stage for use.


  1. I like the result but do not like the idea of foam and flame - my hands are not fire proof!


  2. Definetly an approach only for those with steady hands, nerves of omg, and be ready to blow out the flames...