Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dungeon and Dragons Game Night

Thought Id post what goes on Tuesday nights; D&D! Sticking to first names;

From the left, Chris, Rank DM! "fear me", next is Mark; Male Elf Druid with pet Boar (or is it a badger..), then Allison; Female Dwarven Bard, Tina; Female Halfling Cleric, Brian; Male Barbarian Warrior / Caster; Rick Male Barbarian Warrior, Debbie; Female Half Elf Ranger... with pet Riding Dog, where the heck am I, doh, picture taker.. Female Elf Rogue.

Here is the DM standing his position behind his DM Screen, the pictures are moveable placards for Initiative order. Here is the source of much groaning! I attribute all my bad die rolls to the wall of "omg" Im last again....

Doing battle! Dice are for the Klik Insect tribals lending a hand on some really tough Troll Like Giants...
Ah here I am, keeper of the lore, wondering where the Rangers bow fire would end up this time? would Brians Barbarian get another feathered shaft in the back?? Or would someone else get the fumbled arrow??? And that, besides Pizza, Bread Sticks, Preztles and lots of drinkables filled the evening.


  1. when is the next game? I would love to join in :)

  2. Usually every tuesday night 5pm typical start time :)

  3. Hahaha! I need to post about game nights as well/