Monday, September 29, 2014

Chapter Five.............. Off to the South Pacific.

Upon the completion of the Air Pirates Super Weapon the Commission decided to send the Team Bob to the South Pacific to aid an older member of the Commission with a problem his Hotel had being attempting to deal with.

 TEAM BOB: you are being dispatched to Toratunga, a small island in the south pacific where you will assist George Dukedem with a local problem he has himself been unable to settle out.

Your methods, whether negotiation or armed conflict, to resolve the issue is up to you.  Transport has been arranged and accommodations at a 3 star hotel lined up.

 Air line tickets will get you to your transfer point and then a state of the art sea plane will get you the last leg of the distance. Once there you will meet with Sydney Trifoil at the Hotel and resolve his issue. It is possible further contacts with HQ will occur during your stay.
Upon completion of your mission you will be returned with all haste for further assignments.

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