Monday, September 29, 2014

Chapter Finale : Attack on the Super Weapon

The defensive equipment shipment got through, though at the cost of many civilian casualties on the train during the intense efforts of the Barons Air Pirates to take the train or destroy the shipment.  On arrival the shield was installed and an air fleet sought out and engaged the Barons Air Pirate fleet with its accompanying super weapon. During the battle, the super weapon was damaged and force landed to be repaired, the Allied fleet withdrew due to damage suffered and the Commission was requested to send in a elite strike team to destroy the weapon and capture the lead scientist overseeing the repairs.
The Team Bob was selected to take down the super weapon. It was composed of the leader character for each player. Their Brief for the mission included information about the Baron and his hate of the Commissions interference to his world domination efforts to date.

The Team was parachuted in (using small pieces of paper to be dropped to figure out their landing spots.) Lily choose to drop just about on the weapon itself and engage the close in guards with her katana!

Bob landed to the east behind a hill, the rest of the team to the west of the weapon. Working their way in they realized that there were further out forces deployed waiting for the..... IT WAS A TRAP!!

Cultists came from the west, Air Pirates from the East, Thule Agents from the south, apparently called in by one Air Pirate at the tent encampment, who stayed on the radio for nearly the entire fight!
Bob crests the hill as the Air Pirate squad moves to engage him... choosing self sacrifice he detonates his explosive charge in an attempt to take out the squad............... and he managed to make a series of saving throws that left him stunned, vaulted him down the slope and escaped alive!!!
Various team members make it to the site, capture the scientist, plant and detonate charges, Weapon Destroyed! As the team made their exfiltration, Atchison decided to take out the radioman at the encampment, only to discover he was the Baron himself!  After a rough and tumble fight in which Atchison go the worst of it, he managed to Break Away and high tail it off the field.

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