Friday, September 5, 2014

AAR : A Train to Trieste, Chapter 4, episode 4 ....

((Here is the set up, the players are defending the trains shipment of equipment to be used as a defensive screen vs the Barons Anti Airship Super Weapon beam! Traveling through the mountains on their way to Trieste from Germany, a trip of several days, they are hoping to get past the Barons total control of the air by using rail.  Secret Agents, spy's and saboteurs.. will make things difficult and of course the Barons forces have control of the air!))

The train pulled away from the station towards night fall. The Team put together a patrol list of who was on guard, who was off duty and who was asleep. ((random diced when action took place to keep them from arranging their "best" coverage))
Overhead a Zeppelin lowers towards the train, many ropes drop and Air Pirates zip towards and land on top of the train. Bob, leader of this teams Mission, responds to the sound of multiple boots hitting the roof overhead by leaping up and grabbing the stop cord and yanking it, response to the action is the train slamming on the breaks!  Several air pirates tumble over the edge of the cars, several others are left hanging on to the edge of the roof!
Lily is on duty and races to the top of the train and engages air pirates as she works her way down the roof line, dispatching several with her katana.

Amanda (in a stylish blue dress) also on duty climbs onto the roof of the lead passenger car and blazes away at air pirates near the engine.
((not having made roofs for the cars lead to using some of the Pulp Alley cards to hold the roof top people up out of the cars to reduce confusion on who was where))

The slowing of the train led to the Zeppelin overshooting but it corrected its reactions and landed another wave of boarders. In the mean time in the passenger cars, civilian riders were milling about when several threw open their coats and pulled pistols out and a fierce gun battle ensues!

******************game held over due to time of night************  so a cliff hanger ending for the nights play for 2 weeks till everyone can get together again to finish the action packed episode!!!!


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