Friday, October 10, 2014

Chapter 5, Episode 3, Denizens in the Deep!

((preamble, deep sea diving suits pose a risk to the players, if they get a puncture they have to make a simple peril check of one success on their finesse or they are auto Knocked out of action. Also each had to chose what to take down, a hauling hook and a knife...the hook for attaching to a chest to be hauled up or a spear gun only. Also, once under water the players are given dry erase boards and a pen to write/communicate with one another... heh))

On a recovery mission Team Bob is sent off the island a short ways to deep water to recover scattered metal locker boxes from the bottom.
Movement was 3 inches a turn as they slogged along, locating boxes till.... duh duh doooooo
The sharks get closer and closer, then one attacks! then another !  Chip's suit is punctured and .... uh oh, he fails his check and is KOA!! Amanda makes her save as does Iron Kidney Joe! Sharks are speared and knifed till only a few are left ... and they are feeding on all the dead sharks.

Recovery of cases continues until they get to close to a set of ruins....
Iron Kidney Joe is grappled and being pulled into the giant maw of the horror!  He makes his Might check and breaks free, signaling to the ship above to pull him in. The rest of the team decides now is a good time to head up as well!!!  As they start their assent they notice bodies floating down to the depths ... dead bodies of natives and ships crew!!!

Stay Tuned for the next exciting episode!!!


  1. Beautiful work, Alfrik. I especially like the floating critters, the hose lines, and the blue camera filter. -d.

    1. I hung a sheet of plastic wrap tinted with blue spray Ink around the over head light fixture, making sure the plastic didn't melt from heat to give the board the bluish cast of light ;)

    2. Brilliant. I had thought you had just put a filter over the camera lens for photos but this way the players get the full undersea feeling as they play. -d.