Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tug Boat Mystery

So we applied a different approach to our regular game. A mystery killing of one of the crewmen on the Tug Boat Team Bob is traveling on.

3 colors of poker chips with 3 each of that color. Each color was marked with a Who, What or Where clue. These I scattered through out the boat. Players could travel 6 inches a turn. Black chips represented an unknown encounter but not a peril check.  When a player was sure he had found the pertinent clue for a color of chip he could ignore any he had not checked out and search others, thereby making it possible to not have to check all 9 chips.

Unknown encounter was the shadowy suspect who had 4D10 shooting and was triggered when a player announced he was going to cross over a black chip that blocked the passage way. He would roll and the players could attempt to dodge only, make any required health checks, then he "disappeared into the shadows".............(Players were not allowed recovery checks or cards that allowed them to recover!)

What Chips:   Wrench, Club, Bloody Knife  : easy to figure which was used for the crime
Who  :  Hapless Crewman , Clueless Crewman,  No Alibi
Where:  Tidy work space,  All in Order, Signs of a fight

The WHO chips had to be interrogated using Cunning or Finesse with 2 Success or 2 health checks when the subject got violent for a bit, though in the next turn you could put him to the question again as you didn't get to roll attacks on him.

So, traveling about the ship, collecting clues and sometimes some damage Chip (sidekick of Lily) ran afoul of the Shadowy Suspect and was gunned down.  Atchison took a beating and Amanda a black eye. Bob called Finished! First and was right, Sarge second and was right, Amanda 3rd and was wrong.....

The pictured pieces all stack up and assemble into the complete Tug Boat.

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