Friday, April 11, 2014

Episode 4, Chapter 2 LOST IN ANARTICA!

Having escaped the Bavarian Test Flight Facility with 2 squads of guards breathing down their necks, Franz, Jorge and Doctor Eric boarded the Test Vehicle 1 and activated it.  Upon learning that the good doctor could not in fact "pilot" the vehicle but had simply hit the auto route controls.... they flew at low altitude for approximately six hours and touched down at a GEE Base in Antarctica!  Upon exiting the vehicle, 2 things became quickly apparent. The GEE force at the base was massacred and that there were alien buildings present.
As they start their investigation of the base they hear voices from the small Quonset hut near the landed craft. As they approach it, a series of mechanical clicks is heard and their Test Vehicle 1 lifts off on auto return!!!!
The Test Vehicle travels a very short distance, when from the top of the largest dome a beam lashes out and destroys it in a shower of sparks and fire, it crashes several miles out in the snow field.

With a weary shrug they head for the Quonset hut, which is labeled STORAGE, and reach the door just in time for snow to start falling in Ernst... limiting visibility to 12".....

At the storage hut they find Roger and Dick, two mercenaries that had been delivering supplies to the base by dog sled. Conversation quickly reveals that several JU 52s wrecks are also out in the snow field that had attempted to fly out after flying to the base with materials and supplies.. Why the base only shoots at out going craft is never solved.

Further, the GEE team had somehow triggered the Base Defense Mode or some such and had been attacked by Killer Robots that had simply crushed those that they caught. Their implacable rate of movement, unhindered by the deep snow finally caught all the GEE team and killed them as well as their dog sled teams. Roger and Dick hid in the Storage hut, with out using the heater and had been there for the last 4 days.... surviving on German army rations and Jaeger Meister brandy......Roger and Dick decide to throw in their lot with the trio and they make their way to the first Large Quonset hut labeled BARRACKS.

At the Barracks, they search and turn up extra arms and supplies. Jorge fires up a stove and prepares a meal, their first in over a day..... (ominous music ensues..)

Having gotten some cold weather gear and food, the party heads to the HEADQUARTERS hut, pushing their way through chest deep snow when a very loud humming almost deafens them! Out through the walls of the domes walk ROBOTS which head for them. They quickly break into the HQ and out of sight of the Robots that.... turn and head to the Barracks?  Searching the HQ they discover that the GEE has managed to activate the flight craft found at the site and have traveled several times to the Moon!!! Establishing a base there and if the reports that Franz scans quickly are true have discovered several earth shaking new pieces of technology!!!!! The team hears crashing and smashing sounds back towards the Barracks.
Dick looks out the Door and yells back " The Barracks is On fire!!" The robots are smashing everything near the end where the stove was!!"

Franz opinions "they must have heat sensors to home in on the stove.... and US!!!" he turns in time to see that Jorge has fired up the buildings heaters.... and discovered a huge explosive trap that he has to now disarm or risk blowing the entire hut...and the party... to flaming bits! (Passes the peril check)

They confer and take several actions. Doctor Eric will attempt to get the base radio going and send a call for help to the Commission headquarters, Jorge will reconstruct the explosive device at the doorway, Dick and Roger with take the fire axe and cut a hole through the opposite end of the hut, closest to the Strange craft indicated on the base map layout.

"Oh CRAPPERS" cries Jorge as he fails to set the jerry cans of fuel up properly and retreats from the flames that spread quickly..... "Come in CHQ!!!"

"CHQ here, where the blazes are you fellows your way over due, the rest of your team has returned their their forward base with out you"

Jorge runs by and out the new exit, followed by Dick and Roger. Doctor Eric says "CHQ, triangulate our location from our signal, send help, alien craft and were going to investigate a GEE Base on the Moon!!!"

Franz grabs Doctor Eric and drags him out of the building as the fire spreads!

"Ill slow the robots with a bigger fire" cries Jorge who fires his pistol at several of the jerry cans that are not involved yet.... (He fails a task check) and the Jerry can EXPLODES!!! Hurling Jorge away from their new exit and out into the snow! (passes peril check)

Pushing through the deep snow towards a strange craft on a nearby hill, they spot several more robots around them!

Franz yells, make for the craft, Doctor Eric should be able to figure out a way in, Ill deal with the Robots" where upon he pulls out Special Object Number 2 (SO2) and takes aim, pulls the trigger and watches the nearest robot stagger, start to spark and burst into flame!!! But the ray gun grip rises in temperature with each use!

As the party closes on the craft Franz continues to fire, destroying several Robots.
(Franz in black) though one robot keeps coming on, Roger opens fire with his rifle and gets 2 hits, staggering the robot! (Stunned card played)

"Well, we can forget about waiting for a rescue, most of the base is on fire!" shouts Dick, still clinging to the fire axe, brandishing it about.

One last shot and Franz takes out the Robot guarding the door of the craft, but has to drop the pistol to let it hang by its lanyard as it becomes to hot to hold with his glove!

"Ive got the door open! Everyone in!" Doctor Eric yells. (Peril check 3 Finesse check passed)

(Due to the activation sequence though Dick is left outside with the Doctor as a robot lumbers into the attack..... or was about to when it seemed to get caught in an orders loop  (Parley was played on it).
The Doctor grabs Dick and they both enter the craft and cycle the door closed. With the help of some taped on labels on the control panel in German they are able to start the craft and lift off....crossing their fingers the base won't shoot them down (Extreme Peril passed!)

Chapter Finale next: NAZI's In SPACE!

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