Friday, April 4, 2014

Chapter 2, Episode 3, The Bavarian Option

[[[[[[    The first part of the mission objectives are: Locate the undercover Scientist "Eric", uncover any blueprints, objects of interest and the Flight Activator, get the Scientist (major plot point) and the items out of the building  The second objective after the Scientist is secured is to assault the base, blow the buildings and test vehicle. Pre scenario set up allowed them to hide an Agent on the base but not inside the building.   ]]]]]

The two Commission agents arrived at what they thought was the main building of the Flight Test Facility No. 1, where they passed the Identification checks and waited patiently until their escort arrived.

"Ah good, your here on time, I hope you had a pleasant drive, so if you would please follow me"
"Hmm and where are we going? I thought this was the Flight Center?"
"All in good time sir."
He leads them to the slanting tunnel entrance where, inside, out of view, he has them climb aboard a small shuttle which silently lifts up and moves forward at great speed, down into the earth!

About 10 minutes later they rise up and exit the tunnel, the vehicle comes to a stop and they are surrounded by guards who check everyone's papers.

The approach the Only building in site on the base, which has no windows and apparently only one door......
Entering inside, their papers are checked again and a clerk shows them to a flight of stairs leading down.

They ask about the current work location of Doctor Eric and the Escort takes them to him, where upon they make small talk for a bit and ask about any progress on the Test project. Doctor Eric is busily working on an item as they arrive.

"And what is it your working on?"
"A unit to activate the flight consul for the test flight" (a minor plot point)
{{The escort is the black hat with briefcase, Doctor Eric is the grey coat, Franz the flat cap black clad german and Jorge, the Archeologist is the Grey haired fellow}}
Doctor Eric takes them down to the basement level where he indicates an emergency project has stopped the planned actual test flight for the day.

"Oh, and what emergency is this all about?"
"We received a radio call for some sort of weapon to interfere or destroy electrical devices, we tried to get more specifics but the call ended suddenly."
Doctor Eric leads them past interminable numbers of guards, each checking their papers, "a tiresome affair Im afraid, but necessary after the Incident at the last facility" says Doctor Eric.

"Ah here we are, Herr Doctor Sven, please show what progress you have made with the Object requested"
Doctor Sven leads them to a rather sad looking consul and points the object at it, presses a stud, (looking nervously at it). A Sound fills the air and the consul starts to spark and smoke, shuddering, it goes dark.
"Very good Doctor, is this the only one?"
"Nine, there is another in the Secure Room"
"Is it the same?"
"Nine, it is bulkier, this is somewhat simplified"
"Lead on then"
They enter another long room which is a shooting range.
"A moment good Doctors"  Franz and Jorge put their heads together for a brief discussion and then spring into action.
The Escort is pummeled by Jorge and downed.
 Franz trades blows with the Guard while Eric plays Parley on the scientist!  Another round sees Jorge and Franz beat the remaining guard senseless. They tie up all three and stuff them into the Weapons lockers, after taking a brief case of ammo and pistols. In an attempt to get past the guards they have Doctor Eric put on the Escorts uniform to try and bluff their way back out...and in so doing find the blue prints on the Escort! All is going well at this time as the concert walls muffle the sounds of the fist fights.
On their way up to the next floor, the weakness of their plan is revealed as each of them makes their identity checks...except for the good Doctor Eric..... where upon the guard hits the alarm switch! The jig is up! They overcome the guard in a flurry of blows. Dashing up the final flight of stairs the clerks in the ground floor are sitting at their chairs, stunned. Outside a pair of guards makes for the door and the agents yell that a gunman is loose on the 2nd level! (finesse check passed) The guards run on in while the move outside.
Sarge, the hidden agent plants a satchel charge at the base of the radio tower, sets the timer and bugs out....

Meanwhile the Agents and Doctor move on towards the Test Vehicle where the guards challenge them to Halt!
Upon halting they raise their hands, but the timer on the satchel charge counts down and goes off!!! KABOOM!!!
The radio tower falls and the side of the building collapses!!  The guards stand stunned! (fail random peril in reaction to the blast)
Taking advantage of the guards momentary distraction to the blast they run up the ramp and into the vehicle.

They are faced with electrical equipment with smooth rounded sides, glowing lights and soft sounds. One side of the largest of them is crudely cut open and a boxy unit affixed with wires strung here and there.

"Eric, do you know how to fly this?"
"I Think this activator goes ...."
Bullets are springing off the vehicle.

"Ah, and I think I depress these" (shoving aside some tangle of wires)

A powerful humming fills the vehicle and it LIFTS OFF!
"Where in blazes are we going???"
" hmmmmm if this map display is correct....... South, we are going south"

"Im sorry Doctor, south to .. WHERE??"
"Im sure we will find out, it seems to be some sort of .... Im not sure, a preset flight? or its ... Im really not sure"

6 hours later, the craft lands..... In Antarctica....
They open the hatch and look out at the snow, a German base, with alien structures scattered about and... dead bodies frozen in the snow... everywhere they look, dead bodies, crushed and frozen....

Stay tuned to next weeks Episode LOST IN ANTARCTICA !

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