Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chapter 2 Finale, Nazi's in Space

The Commission Team, having escaped in a UFO allow its auto programing to take it to the GEE Base on the Moon! As they approach this base they see that there is a shimmering field that the ship slows and slides through, then settling to the ground. They are met by an officer who inquires about the delays, the robot attack and where the rest of the squad that should be on the craft are. (A Peril that is passed) They tell the tale convincingly about the base being over run by robots, and their escape, but that the alien craft seems to be having some electrical problems (Extreme Peril to fix - FAILED)
Having their stories worked out they are told the ship will be made ready and repairs attempted. The officer escorts them to the GEE Agent at the center of the base who is studying an alien command consul and the iridescent field beyond it. They are also warned to stay out of the craters to the south side of the base as they have "things" in them that have cracked the sanity of a couple of their scientists......
They retell their tale of the Antarctica Base and their narrow escape, update the Agent on the debacle of the Bavarian Flight Center convincingly. (Peril Passed) They are then shown the Barracks Building where they have a chance to clean up, get a meal and look about a bit. In the Mean time a team of scientists are sent to the craft to get it ready for a return mission to rescuer the Antarctica Base. But... the pressure mounts on them as they are also informed that the craft will not be coming back to the Lunar Base for a Month or more! At this point their desire to destroy the base, grab information and items and make an escape from the Lunar base on the UFO begins to get less manageable. Further the off duty Guards tell them that the base scientists have re assembled some of the robots that they had destroyed at the base and improved them with SMGs mounted in the chest cavities, but the draw back is they have to be controlled by a handler.

Putting their heads together they decide they have to move fast or risk being found out during a month since their two new mercenary members speak no German and are extremely nervous about causing incidents..... To ACTION, they quickly overpower the 2 off duty guards and then ask the guard at the door to enter (Peril check-Passed) He enters, but warily, having heard some scuffling about.  Jorge attempts to disarm and subdue him (Peril check - FAILED!) and the guard gets of a burst of shots into the wall and is then pummeled down. The Jig is UP! Guards from around the base move in on the Hut!
Shooting from either side of the open doorway they trade fire with the approaching guards, downing several. One Blond She Wolf uses a jet pack to land to the right of the doorway as one of the mercenary's charge out and brawl another guard.
The mercenary downs his opponent, but the She Wolf lobs a grenade to the doorway, it goes off and most of the Team is in the blast, having clustered near the door for its thin cover!! A serious tactical error on their part. Several injuries are inflicted!!

The team decides to break cover and take the GEE Agent down, who upon seeing his men being dispatched left and right screams "You Wont Take this BASE!" and runs to the consul and starts activating controls... The shooting stops as the force field near the consul drops, rumbling is heard south of the huts, in the craters....though the scientist readying the ship continues and his 3 GEE Robots approach the ship....

Shooting starts again as the Cyborg Alien who has been released from his Stasis fires his beam weapon and dissolves the GEE Agent, and then the last guard in the field as the closest targets!
From the craters erupt 2 massive mining robots that head straight for the Huts, tearing into them!

The Team tries the old plan of "Run like Hell for the Ship!"
Due to the low gravity, in their haste 2 members go sprawling and lose time (Peril Check - Failed for them). The rest arrive at the ship and tell the scientist, who is about to load the GEE Robots to defend the base! (Peril Check Passed) He redirects the robots with a hand held communicator device.
In the mean time the Mining Bots destroy the huts and then turn towards the ship!
The GEE Robots open fire, to little effect against the Massive Mining Robots. In the background the base domes begin to light up, a loud humming fills the domes airways!
The Team boards while the GEE scientist fails to grasp the uselessness of his robots against the titans rumbling down on him.  The Ship Lifts off! The hastily assembled cargo of weapons of all sorts slide about....
The ship slides through the Base Dome Force Field and accelerates back towards earth. The Team are ecstatic that they have so much recovered items and weaponry on the ship!

"Jorge! that panel that was smoking on the flight here....(that peril fail at the beginning....) Its sparking and seems to be failing!"

"Damn, can we make it back?"

"Ja, but Im not sure about the landing choices, the navigation system seems to be failing, we may have to settle for anywhere we can land!"

The ship enters the atmosphere, several panels explode and the ship skews about and comes in at a shallow angle, skimming over the pacific ocean!  PLLLuuuusssshhhh, the ship is down and taking on water.... (extreme peril checks all around-passed) the ramp drops and they rush off the sinking craft. Jorge is beside himself that they have to swim for it and cant take anything more than a pistol with them, having to abandon all the artifacts, and heavy weapons!!!

Rescued by a passing tramp freighter they make their way back to the west coast US and report in.

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