Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pulp City Street

Okay, having completed many of the building I thought I would lay out one combination of the city street to have a look at what Im working towards.:

On the right we have The Splash and Dash bar, the corner market store, across the intersection is City Hall with the Chicago Hotel on the far right end. On the left is the probably fresh produce market and a shop (undetermined yet.. maybe a law office...always a den of evil!) The light colored building on the left is the laundry mat with an undetermined split level building.

Moving down the street we see a bit more of the street. I have the cobble brick for the street sections, but have to cut some thin plastic to mount it on, after all, they will be covering the subway cut out.

Another side of the corner store, wall plastered with posters. And on the work goes.

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