Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lunar Campaign Battle Report

The Selenite's rise from the subterranean caverns and smite the first force they encounter, the Belgians Lunar Expeditionary Force!

The terrain set up favored the Belgians but such considerations beyond advancing to engage are beyond the Hive Mind of the Selenite's! A big draw back for the Selenite's was their still waking Supreme commanders mind.... failed command rolls held up the army's advance and allowed the Belgians time to occupy the crater on their right and utilized rough ground and rock ridges to cement their defensive position.
With precise commands they set up their firing lines and maneuvered their vehicles into position.
Selenite artillery fire from their walkers pounds the Belgian vehicles, utterly destroying their heavy tank and covering infantry. Especially dangerous to them was the Selenite Sparks ingenious devices!
The Selenite commander finaly gets his thoughts clear and a general advance ensues.
Heavy fire from the Belgian Infantry fails to deter the Selenite's and the loss of their heavy tank on their right flank finally convinces the Belgian commander to order a withdrawal on turn 5, leaving the smoking hulk of their heavy tank behind.

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