Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fire Escapes

Finally put together a fire escape system for one of the pulp city buildings. I tried to keep the appearance of functionality while keeping the construction simple.

I found various types of fire escapes, those with the bottom ladder folding down from the bottom of the last landing, and variations of the one I have here where you could pull or push the ladder down to the ground with your weight, and went for the latter for simplicity.


  1. Did you build them? If so, tell us how! I would like to learn! IF they was bought tell us where! Great stuff!

  2. Plastic grid sheet material that you can get at Michaels or Joann's for 69cents per 12x16 sheet. Then just cut out interior strut pieces to create the BARS. Its not perfect as there are small bumps down the length of the bars but with a bit of sharpe knife and trimming it gets "passable" in appearance. Hot glue, smear a very small amount along the edges that are to be glued. Let that cool. Then its time to be fast, reapply more hot glue to only one of the edges, push them together and let cool. Then touch up with the tip of the glue gun. For neater appearance you can spray with flat black spray paint before mounting on the building side.

  3. Thanks! Feel free to post images of the sheet material and the process, I tihnk this is a very damm cool idea!