Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pulp City Progress!

Put on some movies, broke out the cutters and hot glue and got to work on the recycled foam core boards. All the larger buildings will be perma mounted on their base 14 x 9s, the smaller buildings will be positional in any appropriate open block area. Some of the moveable buildings are very small so as to allow for a large Ally area behind them.

Here are a selection of the buildings with their Floor Designator boxes put in. One the floor of each small box will be the floor number. Some of the buildings that are lower looking I have decided, would be harder to get to the stairs for various reasons and added an extra box to simulate the time. An actual number of floors to the building will be put on the floor of the main area.

The buildings base "block" area will have sidewalks put on then the large buildings mounted (after they get their outside brick and window treatments!)


  1. Mastering Microsoft PAINT while working on new building fa├žade prints..... trying to say "oops" less often!