Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pulp City Block Growth

After considering and discarding quiet a few options I settled on geomorphic ground tiles to use for the basis of the city block. Each rectangle is 14 by 9 inches. Large enough for either a very large building or a mix of small narrow store fronts.  Each will be edged on 3 sides with side walks to allow for maximal changes in placement but keep the side walks in place. I had tried the idea of separate side walks but it was resulting in way to many small pieces to place and keep in place.. especially hard when they are cut from foam board (super light weight).
The empty corner building will have to its other walls added but this quick layout gives the look of the block. The streets are 6 inches wide, not wide enough for parking but wide enough for 2 way traffic. With a smaller filler tile I can have no intersections or shuffle and have a 4 way intersection.

Building Interiors. Thinking that the "top floor" will be the "action" level for the building, rather than have multiple levels since the "bad guys" are usually located in one place in a building. Having this floor be the top floor will make it easier to reach with fingers! Also, borrowing on an idea from Skrapwelder, I figure to try to have a series of small "room" that are a couple of inches square for figures to be placed into, each having a number 1 to what ever story levels are in the building. The function of the small boxes is to have a physical record of what floor a character or party is currently on, rather than being distracted and then trying to remember where they, he or she was.....

The Foam block its all resting on will have channels cut for the Subway track, Sewer, Basements and secret passages. This will give it a dungeon set up so to speak. Cut out thin placards will cover each area to hide what might be lurking in it. Also have to mount the foam board on some other stiff board... back to the design pad for that.

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  1. Any chance you can post pictures of your Geomorphic tile design?