Friday, August 29, 2014

Storming the Cliffs of Dispair! Chapter 4, Episode 3

The teams mission is to knock out 3 sensor platforms on the cliff sides to allow a zeppelin force to bombard the Air Pirate Base on the very top of the cliffs as a precursor to taking on the Barons Super Weapon! Then they were to take and search the Sensor Control Blockhouse on top of the cliff to earn extra advantage in the next scenario.

(( The party had to list, in general, what they were taking with them to scale the cliff side. Their instructions included Radio contact for when the sensors were down. 3 sub teams of two players were to select a route up the cliff side, take out their sensor target in a coordinated blast and then repel down the cliff side to make their escape.  They were given a climbing skill that was the average of their might and cunning skill dice size and totals. Each turn of climbing was considered to be a extreme peril unless they were on a ledge of some sort. ))

Arriving in the vicinity of the Sensor array the 3 sub teams split up and made their way slowly up the cliff face.
On the left is Amanda and Sarge, to the right is Professor Ice and Iron Kidney Joe, further on down the cliff face is Moren and Atchison.

((I made push pin platforms to hold the figures as they "climbed" by pushing them into the paper machete))  Here Ice and Kidney climb on up while Sarge and Amanda close in on the lowest platform, only to fail a peril check and starts an alert!.... Ack! The sensor platform is a decoy setup!
((Here's  a pic of the entire cliff arm and some of Mo.....))

Ice and Iron make the top of the cliff and right into a hail of fire from Air Pirate Security members!

Here Atchison and Mo top the cliff into ever more Air Pirates responding to the alarm!  A gun battle ensues until Mo decides she will run through the buzzing swarm of hot lead and try to plant her demo charge on the sensor!  Atchison dodges and weaves while laying down the best covering fire he can....but to no avail and goes down but not over the cliff... KOA!

Ice also races to his sensor platform and begins planting his demo charges. With no chance to use a delayed timer, the opt to set their repelling gear, set off the blasts while flinging themselves off the cliffs!  Ice executes his maneuver and 3 peril checks flawlessly! Mo... well she gets away from the blast but slams against the side of the cliff and is knocked senseless, and falls to a KOA status....

((3 platforms were the minor plot points, a block house on top of the cliff was the Major plot point. They failed to take out the blockhouse so will not get the extra advantage it would have given them in the next scenario.....................A Train to Trieste!))

Below we see Amanda and Sarge making their escape down a cliff ladder with the unconscious Atchison!

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  1. Neat gamed-story-scenario and great idea using the push-pins: almost looks like hover platforms.