Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Characters and Wreckage

Long summer break, back to Pulp Alley , next episode to get ready for.  First off some wreckage of a crashed prototype super zeppelin destroying weapon to be investigated.

Here is the base and a card board tube sliced up and hot glued down. Everything, except the figure are primed with spray paint to give a structure to mount the broken debris in. For the surface I used some aluminum foil to give it a crumpled look.
Bah , blurry photo, but it gives the idea. Painted it all grey and then highlighted with silver to pick out the crumpled edges where the paint would have flaked off after the crash and fire.
Assorted bits hot glued together and then inserted. I left the hot glue stringers dangling where they fell, then pushed them around when cooled off to give the effect of wiring. Sprayed the entire interior with a flat black, then dark metal dry brush followed by a silver dry brush of prominent edges.

Base still to work up with plowed piles of dirt etc.

Characters. Several of the players lack the skill and resources to assemble their own character figures so I chipped in and here we go.

Iron Kidney Joe, an attempt at a super soldier that sort of panned out. Extra die in brawling, and one less in shooting and spotting rolls are reduced by one due to his being nearsighted to the point of needing large lens goggles............
Lily, a take charge and hands on problem solver.
And here's Amanda's side kick Fenris

And a final group shot.


  1. Cool inside wreckage of your dirigible. And I really like the nearsighted "ninja" warrior..lots of fun stuff to get this guy into the middle of!

  2. Neat model work, and your characters certainly have a nice Pulpy look.