Thursday, November 8, 2012

Onwards to Luna !

Long Break seems to be over and backto Terrain Making!

Gearing up to return to Martian Empires, Luna, the campaign. First step a series of Lunar landscape terrain. Figuring the quickest and easiest would be Craters, some for decoration but others for real impact so:

Able to provide cover to one or more units, I plan to leave their "defensibility" till they are "tested" by gun fire, in that they may be mostly dense rubble or powdery dust that offer little resistance to gun fire..........oh, and by the way, you don't need space suits for the Victorian Lunar surface, just don't forget to take your daily Air Pill !

Next up some small craters, Dust Pools and crevasse of varying depth and width. Rock out croppings and other natural geographical terrain bits.

Lastly that the moon is a source of Caverite, used to coat items to block the pull of gravity. Large chunks of ground have broken free due to Luna quakes and now they don't have enough Caverite Ore of fine enough quality to leave for space, rather then just bumble along as dense "clouds" that sometimes scrape the surface.............

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