Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lunar Surface Project Continues

Waiting for the craters glue to dry so I can treat them roughly with tools.......... so I got to work making some surface matts from old paiting canvas sheet.

Here I have the old painting canvas drop cloth spread over a 4x6 plywood board. I used the staple gun to tug and snap the edges down. This serves the purpose of preventing the sheet from puckering up when I slathered paint over it. Once all the edges were secured I got out a large 4 inch paint brush and some left over white house paint and proceeded to put 2 coats on the canvas letting it dry between coats. When second coat was dry I trimmed off the excess material, leaving the 4x6 sheet on the board. The matt has a lot of old paint splatters that have been folded and creased, giving some basic texture to the matt to start with.

Not very clear here, but I have used the brushable caulking (kel seal) to smear here and there, dragging it around with a spatula, then sprinkled sand over it and rear smearing it to work it in.

I'll be using a large type of Wash coating on the matt.Then I will try some dark splotch staining to get a nice variation of shadings.

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