Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lunar Matt Progress

Lucked out a bit and had the time and materials to finish off the lunar game matt.

Here's a close up of the ground with a stout fellow looking for action.  Painted the surface with a grey wash, applied with a 4 inch brush. The Blackish areas was very thin black wash dribbled on from finger tips from a small glass.

Here's a look from father out.

And there he is in the wide shot. Craters and othe features soon.


  1. Looks fantastic. Almost like looking at a photograph of the moon.

  2. Fantastic result, Love how it turned out.

  3. 2nd matt completed in less than a day.

  4. Hi Afrik, apologies for the commenting out of the blue. I just wanted to let you know about a competition we're running at aimed at model makers and figurine painters. In a nutshell all we're asking to enter is to send a picture of your workspace to be in with a chance of winning a desktop paint and fume filter. Please see for full details. Hope this is of interest and you can enter - Thanks, Scott.