Sunday, June 17, 2012

Empire of The Dead update

Empire of  Dead is a skirmish game similar to Necromunda and some others. You have a Faction with a couple heros and flunkies, as it were, that you pay points to equip and then field against other players using the Scenario generator which can mix up objectives and starting points pretty well. Character removed from the field due to being "downed" often recover at the end to return again.

Here was an encounter board that was 4x4, though I had only 6 figures it could have been 3x3 and still had a lot of extra space! My opponent had to get 6 of his 10 figures off my side of the board to win, I had to Down 75% to win, anything else was a draw.  We drew.........

Above are a couple of scratch builds to represent my exskeleton equiped Gentlemens Club President and Secratary. Both are Mageknight figures. The left one I cut and straightened up, put a head and stove pipe hat on. The other was a dwarven steam walker that I cut and stood up and filled the rather large void by giving him a beer belly by filling it in with Hot Glue and putty. Both now mount rapid firing guns and close combat weapons, though quite slow to get around which cost me in a fast move scenario.                                                                                                                  


  1. So how do you like the ruleset?

  2. Rule set is pretty good over all, the rolling for initative every turn leaves some engagements being devestating, such as you position to charge, take fire, loose initative roll next round and take fire again....before you can charge etc. But that's the whim of war.