Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kubla Con game report ... of sorts

Attended the Kubla Con game convention. Bought Dice! an assortment of figures and some scenic ground litter that will make it in to some pictures later.

Here are some shots of games in progress with the usual lack of who, what and how they ended..........
Shot of the Inside area of the Hotel courtyard and yes there is a roof over the entire area! Nice buffet breakfast area down under the trees.
Gazillion Star Wars figures, Jar Jar got his delicate postierior kicked.
Fort Fisher Assault in ACW.
Union forces wedged in fast while Confederates held range hoping to slow the Union troops with their fire............Taking the casualties the Union forces stormed into the forward trenches while the ships slugged it out. Defenders had a Merrimack class, a Huntley sub and a paddle wheeler. The union naval forces were a Monitor, 3 siege barges and I believe a paddle wheeler that took a explosive result to the magazine............
 Wings of War where I lured allied planes into tail chases and into the lines of fire of my fellow airmen. Bad luck dogged the German forces as 2 aircraft were shot down with pilot dead results just as we came to grips.................oh well, my parachute worked .
Empire of the Dead game that Skrapwelder ran. I was assisting with rules question/answers till I ran out of Guinness. And I must say there were some interesting reads on rules that Always pop up at convention games because there are so many people trying to find an edge, lol.


  1. You ran out of Guinness? Now that is true horror! NEVER RUN OUT OF BEER! Double the supplies for next year.

    Great report!

  2. I like the old weathered map for the wings of war, fun idea