Sunday, October 24, 2010

Warmaster Battle Report...of sorts

Tried out Warmaster for my first time:
Bretonian vs Chaos. I and Skrapwelder commanded the Bretonians vs Black Cavaliers evil nasty Chaos .. guys.. yah.  Learned about command and control, make the dice roll, equal move, with decreasing chance, fail means end of all moves so roll wisely. I found that fairly standard tactics apply to this game. Missile fire did a bit but not much, its rather difficult to a mass enough damage potential to destroy an enemy element out right. There is no firing in support unless I read wrongly, possibly missile casualties carry into combat, have to read up on that.  In the far back is what turned out to be my, strategic reserve. I let them dally to long and then they were at such a penalty to activate that they sat there till the last turn of the game, then boldly advanced to grab loot. The Knights with blue are Skrapwelders beating on the remaining Chaos Knights, who were in the progress of killing the last stand to their front of my Knights.  Battle was see sawed back and forth till chaos reached their break point. The command range penalty for moving to far afield does prevent the ZOOM across the board with mounted forces that would probably totally unbalance the game by tossing strategy out the window.

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