Saturday, October 23, 2010

Martian Empire Games

We took a break from the ACW2 campaign and tried out the Martian Empire rule set;

Here is the battle field start in the upper left, which has some of Nils red martians on the left of the shot and Marks British on the right. Next shot is included just to show my "never went anywhere" mounted Giant Martians (tharks) and my  giant martian infantry. Last shot is the red martians about to get left behind, while my infantry zoom across and attack the artillery. I destroyed one of the artillery pieces in the end and the other routed, causing the only real lose to the brits. The rules are Very much like Warmaster, roll to move, keep moving till you fail if you want. Adjustments to the movement for 25mm figures will slow down some of the zooming around. The Brits made some consecutive rolls and met their victory conditions by exiting the board edge but lost the artillery when they didn't make their 4th (?) consecutive activation roll. All in all, got to explore the rules, which is always better when pushing figs at the same time than just reading them like a book.

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