Saturday, October 9, 2010

ACW2 Action Report

So the scenario is, all the players have a truck load of troops heading home late at night from the bars, gambling or what ever diversion they were involved in. The trucks are coming down different roads to a cross road encounter, in the dark with ranges cut in half with the lack of clear visibility. Going off road with the truck means a spot check to not stall out or get stuck.

Here come the trucks, Constitutionalists on the upper road, nationalists on the lower road. Brakes squeal and people start shouting, rather incoherently, but with gusto.

The small truck of Nationals swerves around the bend successfully but the truck of saki loaded berry pickers rams them head on, proving in conclusion that their big truck was a foreign import of low quality.... Firing breaks out between the Consti's and National Dockworkers in the right side picture.

And you think rush hour traffic is bad....   On the right, a late arriving National truck swerves around the dockworkers and heads into close action with the Consti's.

 Everyone out of the Truck!  The Berry Pickers International squad chase the National officer and his driver into the woods. The lead truck of the Consti's come under fire from all directions and decides to hit the road once again. Skrapwelder and Leadfool look into the Cauldron of Death as every ones firing intensifies. The dockworkers fall back to their truck and start down the back of the hill, claiming "were flanking them"....
Below, the National Officer rushs back to the fight with his 2 machine pistols and cuts down 4 of the Berry Pickers International unit, then turns about and fled into the night.

Do to the crappy change to the Blog spot posting system, These pictures refuse to align as I want them so on with the narrative.
As the consti truck in the last picture, the yellow one, edges down the hill back edge they are cut off by the dockworkers truck of smg toting gun men who riddle the truck and chase the surviving troops off in all directions.  The late arrived truck in the center, above the red action chip go hand to hand and are finally dispersed. The Nationalists retread, suffering their first loss.

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