Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More "On the Paint Table" figures

Lets see if the pictures came out this time:

Base coat on the dirt of one of the Burrowers. Plan is to grass the back part and bits around the front to show the top cover of plant matter splitting open. After I paint the creature parts, more bits of dirt will be applied to the top edges.

The Dragonkin will probably be fanatics for game purposes. Lot of clean up on the colors to get them ready, but felt I could mount them up first, easy to reach what I need to paint. The four armored fellows will probably be an Elite Hand weapon unit. Flesh colors will be highlighted and some wash applied to the to shinny pole axe heads. Next are the 2 Wyverns. Am seriously going to look at trying to fit them both, artistically on a single base for a unit of Elite Flying Knights. Have to pick out a rider for each yet. If they just will not fit then them probably become hero's mounted on Large monster.  Next are the worms of eight eyes and hardened carapaces. Can be burrowers very easily. Small monsters for sure.

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  1. I really like the thorn crawler minis!

    Word Verification: Glytec - The company responsible for the release of thorn crawlers into the wild