Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lava Field Encounter Placard Comple

Thought to make a single complete report on how I built the lava field board, so here goes;

Single sheet of Styrofoam cut apart to make channels, all were glued to the piece of linoleum flooring with pva. After it had dried time to get out the BBQ fire starter and singe the edges of the foam. Did that outside for ventilation and it only took abut 1 minute, care must be used or the foam piece will disappear.

Pictures 3 and 4 show the Kel Seal textured applied in 2 thin coats to "melt" the edges of the islands some. I used the smooth version of the KS on the island tops.

Time for colors, Yellow as the base coat to all but the tops of the islands. Dark orange to the island tops. They started dry brushing with a half inch wide brush.

Dark Brown brushed over the dark orange, then heavily brushed with black, in the centers of the island tops and lightly towards the edges to show the cracking of the lava.

And there you have it. Island hoping ahead for the adventurers as the lava oozes by. Estimated cost of the materials for this were, left over Styrofoam, less than an ounce of paint, bit of pva glue, say 50 cents for the linoleum tile, so less than a dollar for the works.

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