Friday, June 11, 2010

Burrower Progress, and That Which Hunts them

Ok here we go, some work done on one of the burrowers, still more painting to do, but a good idea of how its moving:

Ground is splitting up and out, will put a darker shade of brown down in the bottom of the splitting earth. And of course, more work on the creature itself ahead, tending towards red / orange. Couple of antennae possible. Or eyes on the end of tentacles... much thought ahead, while sipping a cold one perhaps.

Now, that which hunts the burrowers for food. Bought this Mage Knight Venomous Shadow Dragon for $5. 28mm Western Figure standing there for scale and to be a snack... Some shading to do and gloss to kill. Figure to put it on a 120mm x 120mm base and treat it as a Leviathan.

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