Thursday, November 19, 2009

Works in Progress

Thought I would post some pics of whats taking up my hobby time currently.
So first are interior corner roof supports for my long delayed brick buildings. Followed by the Tar paper roof sections.

So here is a foam core roof section assembled. Paper masking tape layerd with a slight overlap, then painted black. Light dry brush of grey. Edges of the foam were coated with pva and then taped over when dry.

Checked the fit of the roof to the inset corners design, just a bit of trimming and also marked the underside of the roof panels with a number to coinscide with the number on the interiro wall of the building, along with guide marks on which way to position the roof to fit the same way every time.

This shot is a bit to close for the figure, came out a bit blury, but shows the roof dry brushed for the over lapping tar paper effect I am trying for. Might try doing a dark grey surface and black wash for a different effect.

Here is a tar and gravel look, in scale gravel is larger than sand but gives a game scene look of sand... Also the PVA curled the shape of the roof placard, so if I do this style again I think it would be cover the top in Tape, side by side and then use a Spray Tac Glue, sand, and then use a matt finish sealer to help hold t he sand down or simply paint stain it to help hold it down.

Lastly is my photo buddy who followed me around, to and from the cpu to download various photos. Machi really found the Flash worth trying to chase down.

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