Monday, November 2, 2009

Dirt Roads

So the attempt of putting the Kel Seal over the tape on a pine board to keep it from warping the edges up.... did not work. The KS when it dried still tended to curl upwards... So what the heck, I flipped the entire length over and thought I would slap some more KS on the back to warp it back the other way so the first production side would provide me with the finished road surface.... which did not make it change shape...
Then I said, well, the underside, with a coat of KS on it made a nice surface anyways, and it is shaped sort of cup sides down, but the Tape straight edges were not desirable. So pulling carefully and not so carefully I stripped off the excess tape.                                     

So here is a shot of tape stripping in progress. The blue color of the tape came from a quick idea to see how it would look as a stream... Not very well, though I have ideas now on how to use the same process to make streams with slightly raised edges.
The whole strip is a bit over 6 feet long. I plan a storage box tray slightly over 6 feet to keep them in and keep them flat, even though the dried KS is flexible, and can be rolled over a tube to store it in a smaller place. Stored flat there is no, "going flat" time required when setting up a game.

Here is an overhead shot of the edge, its lying flat against the wood board under it, and has an apparent rough edge to it. After painting I think I will try gluing a bit of rock and such along the edges to give it character? Though that would make it difficult to stack and store in my long flat box idea... hmmmm And a final "down the road" shot.

Here's another picture of 2 roads done at the same time, both are 4 foot in length.

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