Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fast River, really

Using the same procedure to make the roads in the fairly previous article on making roads, I made a fast water river section. I laid out a curving Masking Tape river outline and then applied 3 thin coats of Kel Seal brushable caulking to the top of the masking tape, covering nearly all of the tape with those 3 thin coats. When fully dried I carefully pulled up the tape from the work board, flipped it over. Next 1 very thin coat was applied over the sticky side of the tape that was now the "top" side. Let dry, then a second thin coat and after it was on I dabbed the surface in various ways till I got patterns I thought looked "right". Still to be added with be river bank rocks, some plants etc to help visually define it better.

Click on the picture to get a better look at it. I figure to shave off the spiky bits, add a few river rocks here and there, an a touch of white water color
So far I have resisted tearing the excess tape of the edge of the river as I did on the road section, water just seems to have a smoother edge from flow than a dirt packed and worn road surface. Updates on this project as I get to them.
So here's a shot of a dressed river edge setting using some of my "edge filler" brush mounted on Popsicle sticks.  I didn't trim the excess tape off of the river as I did on the road sections to keep it smooth and also was able to use some of those areas to glue on smooth river rock, Aquarium gravel, here and there, plus a few scattered stones sticking up out of the water course.

Here's a close up of the a river rock section. Its just pva glue with the smooth gravel applied, may go and apply another coat of pva over it, give it a very slightly wet look and help to prevent the rock from falling off when I roll up the river for a test of portability.

And a final distance shot of a longer stretch of the river, which has a total length of 6 feet. Still a bit of dry brushing to do as I found that shaving the spiky bits of the dried caulk to be necessary to improve the look, but shaved After I had used the blue wash.... well, it is an experimental piece!


  1. Looks interesting. Where did you get the KS brushable caulking material?

  2. Kel Seal is the store brand of brushable caulking from Kelly Moore Paint Store. Benjamin Moore Paint Store, not related to the Kelly Moore shops, has their own store brand. Seems to be only available at regular Paint Supply stores, never have seen it in a Home Depot or other type of Box Store yet, been to most all of them in the sacramento area looking for price breaks....