Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Road Way started

Trying a new approach to an old problem, have a good material to make roads out of, but what it gets spread on seems to be a difficult approach. I am using Kel Seal brushable caulking material for the actual road surface, which works fine, but the taping down wax paper as the surface led to the road way curling up so much that I had to flip the finished road over and use the other side. New idea, use Tape for the road bed surface material to put the Kel Seal over. It sticks to the board so won't curl up as it dries.

So I affixed the tape down to a long pine board for the start of the project. Total length is 6 feet plus a few inches. Road is to be about 3 inches wide. Material will be brushed on in thin coats about half an hour apart as I paint buildings.

So, here is the first 3 coats. I figure to apply 2 more and then let it dry over night. When completely dry I can then pull the tape up and see if the material curls or not in a day or two. For the taped side I will use a coat of paint to seal the sticky in, or if it curls some, I will apply another think coat of Kel Seal to the tape side and let it dry fully. Overall the thickness of the Kel Seal will allow it to, eventually, lie flat. Some washes for color after I put a bit of brown into the last coat of KS to final dry and it will be ready for use. Oh.. and my wife's cat thought this was a great run way for her to walk up and down, fortunately after it had been drying for an hour.

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