Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brick Building Windows

With the assembled brick buildings that I customized with some store fronts I ran into the long and tedious task of painting them all. Window Trim was not to bad but all the window panes were tedious with a brush. But using a diluted off white to give the finished window a gritty old dirty color was the goal. VSF period would not have many window washers in the industrial part of any town I figured. So while cruising the local JoAnns craft shop I found a mixed kit of bottles and tapper tops with a screw on metal fine point tip. Similar to an idea I had to use an eye dropper, but the eye dropper did not really get the wash into the tiny corners of the windows, resulting in getting the brush back out and dab the corners.

So, with a super fine point dropper bottle I found the tiny metal tip easily got into the corners of the windows.

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