Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brick Building update

Painting bricks and more bricks using the foam roller method, had to go back and re spray paint the bricks with the dark primer when I pressed to hard. Window casings, in real life and miniature size are slow and tedious though. I used a piece of dense foam rubber that was tapered to a flat end 2 inches by 1/4 inch to pat paint into some of the narrow spots, worked better than a brush to get into the tight places.


  1. What company does those brick buildings? I think I know where those storefronts come from ( The stuff is looking really nice and I like your method of painting brick as well!

  2. The brickwork was created by Skrapwelder, former owner of the Arnica Montana western building site. He's creating various wall sections for his VSF colonial actions and I managed to have him run some off for me. The storefronts he also dropped off to me out of his bits box of miss casts.

  3. Does Skrapwelder plan to produce them commercially?