Monday, November 15, 2010

Venus Must Fall!

Finished purchasing the rest of Kaptain Kneemo's sailors and marines, all cleaned, primed and painting is under way. Jan 2nd, new VSF campaign with the local gamers is to be launched, and Kaptain Kneemo will have his invincible forces ready!
To the left are the sailors, in whites, black shoes and a different hat band color to eventually differentiate sections. To the right are the Marines, Whit pants, Green coats, khaki pith helmets. 120 figures all told.


  1. Awesome! And whom will Kneemo's minions battle against?

  2. We launch a full Venus VSF campaign in January. There will be British, French, Americans, Belgians, Kneemo's troops for sure, possibly Japanese, This Venus is to be portrayed as swampy with mesa's where most habitations will be found. Ooohh and Cloud Krakens..... will be around...